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                                                                As the industry has changed, it only makes sense
                                                                that architects have followed suit. We have seen a
                                                                vast change from bullnose, cap, and base profiles.
                                                                Metal edging (Schluter) has taken over on what us
                                                                old timers were used to. We have seen the difference
                                                                in quality and appeal these metal edge profiles offer
                                                                to the finished product. These can also make for a
                                                                more streamlined install. With a selection of profiles,
                                                                from square, bullnose, and everything in between, you
                                                                almost need a degree of sorts to filter through all that
                                                                is available on the market today. These manufacturers
                                                                offer a wide variety of waterproofing membranes,
                                                                shower pans, niches, curbs, and seats to mention a few.
                                                                Architects are constantly changing and adding more of
                                                                these products to an ever-growing spec section which
                                                                requires your undivided attention. The cost of all the
                                                                parts and pieces associated with these metal profiles
                                                                can be substantial if overlooked. With all products
                                                                available, it can create some confusion to all parties
                                                                involved, including general contractors, plumbers,
                                                                architects (yes, architects) and even your installer.

                                                                Training is needed now more than ever. Organizations
                                                                like CFI, FCICA, Schluter and many more offer
                                                                webinars, certification classes for the flooring
                                                                contractor/installer, and architects. Ceramic tile will
                                                                continue to increase in size and all that is associated
                                                                with it. We have seen big changes in thin set mortars,
                                                                grouts, and isolation membranes. The flooring trade
                                                                will, without a doubt continue moving forward at a
                                                                fast pace. As a project/flooring manager and former
                                                                installer, it is critical that we keep up with this ever-
                                                                changing industry. I still look back and reflect on
                                                                where 20 years ago and how far the flooring trade has
                                                                advanced. Who would have ever believed that we would
                                                                be installing 3’ x 10’ tile. I am still amazed how far we
                                                                have advanced.

                                                                I am currently working on a sizable flooring project.
                                                                Everything mentioned above is currently being installed
                                                                by my foreman and crew. When you combine a quality
                                                                general contractor, architect, design team, and installer,
                                                                something wonderful happens. A finished product that
                                                                will last for years to come. We should all take pride in
                                                                our trade and the beauty created by ceramic tile.

                                                               Always give thanks to your employer, employees and last-
        have given us the flattest substrate possible, this includes   but-not-least your install team. QUALITY, RESPECT, and
        any blocking, plumbing, or anything else that could cause   ATTITUDE will always put you above the rest.
        issues. All that can be corrected beforehand will make for an
        easier installation. Panel tile can cost several hundred dollars
        each, we cannot afford anything that could damage or even
        break one of these during the installation process. The cost   About the Author: John West has been with FL Crane & Sons for 21
        effects of the panels and long lead times leave little room for   years. He was promoted to Flooring Manager three years ago after
        error, not to mention your profit margin. Stocking these large   being a flooring foreman and installer for 18 years. He holds current
        panel tile on site can be problematic as well. Ceramic tile in a   certifications with FCICA as a CIM; ICRI in moisture testing. John
        changing industry, world-wide.                      has future plans to become a certified flooring inspector.

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