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Ceramic Tile in a Growing Industry

                               By John West, CIM, FL Crane & Son

             he world of ceramic tile is always progressing, and   tile/slab vibration tools, this is just to get started. We do have
             at times difficult to keep pace. Over the last twenty   the ability to make some of these tools ourselves -- tables,
        Tyears, I have seen the trade go through some amazing   and transportation carts to name a few. We have seen our
        transformations regarding ceramic tile, and all with which   old t-spacers, turn into leveling clip systems. These leveling
        we associate with. I can recall when we were only installing   clip style spacers are essential to reduce lippage with larger
        mosaics, quarry, and 4” x 4” wall tile. Back then we thought   format tiles.
        12” x 12” floor tile was something else (the good old days).
        Little did we realize what the future had in store for us all.  The quality of your installer must be well-trained, along
                                                            with his/her crew. The tool manufacturers have advanced
        Over the past decade we have witnessed a multitude of   with equipment, which helps with the installation of these
        format sizes varying from 12 x 24, to as massive as 1 m x 3 m,   enormous sized panels. Along with these larger-than-life tiles,
        and all dimensions between these. Along with these growing   there also comes a different array of specifications and lower
        lengths, other issues associated with these products were   allowable tolerances they allow us. This is a constant battle.
        sure to follow. The equipment to handle and install these
        oversized, formatted beasts are costly. These tools range   We now have the added pressure from a project
        from specialized carrying carts, full frame panel lifters, and   management side to ensure that they hold all trades to the
        120-inch rail cutters. Installers may also require devices for   highest standards on what happens in the early stages of
        mitering corners, multi- angled grinders, suction cups, and   these projects. I am checking to ensure the other trades

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