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               SPECIALIST                                                             Vol. 1 No. 3 | Summer 2021
        Flooring                                                                              SUMMER 2021  |  VOL. 1 NO. 3  Flooring

                      Ceramic Tile in a Growing
                                                               Shown is the Grand Staircase at the
               SPECIALIST                                      On the Cover:                       WWW.CFITHEFLOORINGSPECIALIST.COM  THE OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF CFI
                                                               main entryway. Italian ceramic tile was
              THE OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF CFI                  installed by FL Crane & Sons in 24” x   Flooring
                  10  Communicate!!                            48” and 24” x 24” sizes. The diamond   THE OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF CFI
                                                               inserts were all hand cut onsite to fit
                                                               the necessary details called out by
                                                               the architect. Movement joints were
                  12   Critical Practices of Successful        provided on either side of the diamond   Ceramic Tile in a Growing Industry
                                                                                             Critical Practices for Successful LVT Installations
                      LVT Installations                        to eliminate any issues associated with   Even Skilled Installers Should Become Certified  Brought to you by:
                                                                                             Don’t Forget Warehouse Safety,
                                                               settling. Tile leveling systems were used
                                                               throughout this project. Photo courtesy
                                                               FL Crane & Sons. See story beginning
                  16   Don’t Forget Warehouse Safety           on page 8.
                  20  Know Before You Go: Why is
                       Resilient So Special?                     Flooring

                                                                    THE OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF CFI
                  23  CFI Annual Convention Preview            SENIOR EDITOR:          CFI National Office
                                                               Kimberly Oderkirk       10676 West US Highway 80
                                                       Forney, TX 75126
                                                                    THE OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF CFI
                  31   Understanding Flooring Adhesive         (248) 862-5179          (816) 231-4646
                       Terminology – Part 2
                                                               CONTENT MANAGER:
                                                               Shalynn Rangel
                  34  Game Changers
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                                                               4607 Lakeview Canyon Rd  Robert Varden
                  35  Even Skilled Installers Should           Ste 560, Westlake Village,  Executive Director
                       Become Certified                        CA  91361     

                                                               Sales Manager/Co-Publisher  John McHale
                                                               Dan Lipman    
                  36  How to Properly Identify       
                       Patterned Carpet Deviation              805-368-7379            Lauren Johnson
                  40  Resilient Floor Solutions                Editor/Co-Publisher:
                       for Healthcare                          Jeff Golden             For subscription information,
                                                       please contact CFI.
                  44  CFI Surface Prep Resource Guide          The International Certified Flooring Installers Association, Inc. (CFI) is
                                                               a non-profit organization dedicated to improving flooring installation in
                                                               the residential and commercial fields through training and certification.
        Departments                                            Since 1993, CFI has been recognized as one of the flooring industry’s most
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        Word from Robert Varden     6                          flooring professionals worldwide.
        Industry News             46                           CFI provides educational resources for the flooring community, such as
        Member News               50                           hands-on training in all recognized installation applications. CFI supports
                                                               the professional development of the flooring industry by hosting training
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