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                               By Mike Stahl of Commercial Flooring Professionals, Inc.

              ENERAL CONTRACTOR, Project Manager, Site
              Manager, Contractor and Architect. These are the
        Gmain characters on any given day, on any job site.
        These five characters shape the path to be taken in the days
        ahead. The path can be rocky or smooth depending on the
        interaction of each individual and the group as a whole.

        Let’s back up a few steps. How did we get here and what is
        the end goal? The easy one to answer is the last. We desire
        the project to be completed with little or no punch list and
        a check in hand. Getting to that point can be rocky, very
        rocky, even boulders, or the smooth path. Believe me, I
        have never had smooth all the way, but very close at times.
        What makes the difference?
        It starts with a word…COMMUNICATION. That word
        NEEDS to be present in EVERY phase of the process. From
        the first plan take off, to the day the bid is submitted, right
        up to the lights being turned out, and the door closed.
        Don’t assume and don’t guess any step of that journey. Each
        misstep throws a rock down on the path. Verify and confirm
        what you don’t know or what isn’t clear. This will help to
        eliminate unwanted change orders and delays in progress
        when a contract has been signed and work engaged. You are
        the expert in your field and you should be looking for those
        missed materials or necessary and required procedures for
        a proper installation. (i.e. moisture tests, substrate leveling,

                                                            transitions) GCs appreciate the COMMUNICATION of your
                                                            expertise. After all, they want a smooth project as much as
                                                            you do. Costly overruns and delays become a nightmare
                                                            and make everyone involved look poorly and the end user
                                                            disgruntled. This is also a good time to be checking lead
                                                            times on known problem products. COMMUNICATING this
                                                            may allow for a product substitution avoiding a delay later
                                                            once started.

                                                            Ok, we’ve submitted bids and yes! We’ve been awarded the
                                                            contract! Being the cowboy, I say, saddle up, the real journey
                                                            is about to begin. Timelines will be established for installation
                                                            start up and duration of each phase. COMMUNICATING
                                                            at the outset as to how realistic these may be is imperative.
                                                            If you feel more time will be required, now is the time
                                                            to COMMUNICATE that to the Project Manager. These
                                                            schedules will be constantly changing as work is being
                                                            accomplished. It’s critical to stay on top of material lead
                                                            times and installer availability with the changing schedule.
                                                            Daily COMMUNICATION with the site manager and your
                                                            crew is essential to keeping on track once the work has
                                                            commenced. Be willing to change your schedule and or work

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